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This MLS parody of 'Ferris Bueller' is astonishingly good

You may not know who Mike Magee is -- or anyone else in this video -- but that shouldn't keep you from enjoying it.

Athletes usually aren't the best actors, and Chicago Fire forward Mike Magee is no exception. But that somehow doesn't really get in the way of this absolutely hilarious spoof of the Ferris Bueller's Day Off trailer, which stars Magee as well as United States national team stars Omar Gonzalez and Sydney Leroux.

Part of the reason Magee's lack of acting chops are so easily excused is because the KickTV crew did a really wonderful job of not asking anyone to do too much actual acting and allowing the situations be the comedic vehicle. Oh, and they did a great job of casting on the cameos.

Among the standout performances are Hope Solo playing Bueller's sister (she's driving around her Seattle Reign head coach Laura Harvey), Judah Friedlander as the economics professor (you won't miss him, as it says so on his hat), LA Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena as the cook and, of course, Thierry Henry as the snooty French host. Other cameos belong to Quincy Amerikwa as the concerned student, Fire head coach Frank Yallop (and, yes, that's Clint Mathis with him) and Dwayne DeRosario and Michael Bradley as the guys who take the Ferrari for a test drive. There's also some great clips in the outtakes.