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FIFPro says Spanish footballers owed €23 million in unpaid salaries

194 players in the top two division of Spanish football are owed unpaid salaries by various clubs, according to a report.

Denis Doyle

According to FIFPro, players in the Primera División and Segunda División are owed €23 million in unpaid salary from the 2013-14 season. According to a report on the FIFPro website, the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) have submitted a summary of the debts to the Spanish Professional League (LPF), outlying money owed to 194 players at 18 clubs in the two top leagues in the Spain.

A mixed commission of officials from the AFE and LPF will settle all the claims, assessing the amounts owed to players on a case by case basis. Once a final amount has been agreed upon, teams will have until midnight on July 31 to pay all debts, or face relegation to a lower division.

In their statement, the AFE called upon authorities to make necessary changes to Spanish football to both resolve, and prevent situations like this from occurring in the future.

"The size of the default that Spanish players are suffering not only continues at the same level, but increases slightly. This proves once again the need for an urgent amendment to the current management model of Spanish professional football, which AFE has been asking for constantly and repeatedly. This model is obsolete compared to the modern and participatory systems of the big European leagues today."

At this point, no teams owing money or players who are owed salary have been identified.