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Álvaro Morata moves to Juventus; Real Madrid have buyback clause

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The 21-year-old forward will join the defending Serie A champions, but he could be back with Real Madrid in two or three years.

Álvaro Morata is officially a Juventus player after the the bianconeri agreed to a deal with Real Madrid for the transfer of the 21-year-old striker. Juventus will pay Madrid €20 million over a three year period, according to a press release on Juve's official website.

The deal includes a buyback clause that will give Madrid the option to bring Morata back to the Bernabéu at either the end of the 2015/16 or 2016/17 season. Depending on the number of matches played by Morata for Juve, the buyback cost could be up to €30 million.

Morata made his debut for the Real Madrid first team in 2011, but had been on the periphery of the squad until last season when Carlo Ancelotti made him a regular. He finished the season with eight goals in league play, and scored his first Champion League goal in a win over Schalke 04.

Juventus also announced that Morata has agreed to a five-year contract with the club.