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James Rodríguez fan just wants a hug, gets a takedown

If you want an embrace from Real Madrid's James Rodríguez, you're going to have to earn it.

"How was the unveiling, dear?"

"Yeah, okay."

"Oh, you got a ball! Good work!"

"Yeah, s'alright."

"Anything interesting happen?"

"Well ... I ran on to the pitch to hug James Rodríguez, got to him, hugged him, then like six security guards grabbed me and threw me on the floor, then they started to drag me off, then James came over and told them to leave me alone, put his arm round me, gave me a football, then started to escort me off the pitch, so I put the ball up my shirt and waved to everybody, and they all cheered like I'd just scored a goal, and then I think some other guy ran on and also got a ball, which seems like a dangerous precedent to set to me, but never mind, I think he was the last, and then I got on the bus and came home."

"That's nice, dear."