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Carlos Tevez's father kidnapped, released

The father of Juventus striker Carlos Tevez was kidnapped, but has been released.

Giuseppe Bellini

According to a report in Argentinian newspaper Clarín, the father of Juventus striker Carlos Tevez was kidnapped in Morón, Buenos Aires. Fortunately, he has since been released.

The father has been said to be "in good shape." Argentine TV station C5N reported that the kidnappers released him after they were paid $400,000.

According to Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, the kidnappers were not initially aware that Cabral was the father of one of Argentina's most famous footballers, though they raised their demands once they became aware of his connection to Tevez.

Tevez -- who has played for several of Europe's top clubs, including Manchester City and Manchester United, and has received 64 international caps for Argentina -- was given a leave by Juventus for "family reasons." It is unclear if he traveled to Argentina, but he is said to have been involved in the attempts to get his father released.

Updated: 9/29, 3:11 pm EDT