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Liverpool sign Divock Origi, loan him back to Lille

Origi will join Liverpool after one more season at Lille.

Phil Walter

Liverpool have signed Divock Origi from Lille, completing a deal that has been expected for weeks. As part of the deal, Origi will be loaned back to Lille for the upcoming season. The 19-year-old reportedly cost Liverpool £10 million.

Origi scored six goals for Lille last season, which was good enough to get him onto Belgium's World Cup team. There, he played in all five of the team's matches, he scored the winner against Russia and showed the flashes that made him one of Europe's most promising young strikers.

Liverpool have been chasing Origi for weeks. Flush with cash after the sale of Luis Suarez, Liverpool have bought plenty of players who can step in and make a difference next season. What they then turned their attention to was securing their future, and Origi helps them do that. He will spend the next season continuing to develop at Lille before joining the Reds. By then, he should have more experience and polish, to go along with his size, pace and extensive physical gifts.