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Earthquakes sign Matias Perez Garcia as Designated Player

The Quakes are shelling out some cash now, and that means a second Designated Player.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Jose Earthquakes have signed Matias Perez Garcia as their newest Designated Player. Perez Garcia comes to the club from CA Tigre in Argentina, where he had played for the last two years and scored 16 goals to go along with 10 assists in 77 matches.

Perez Garcia was an Argentina youth international, but has bounced around ever since. He has played for clubs in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and France. His stint at Tigre was especially successful, as he led the club in scoring both years he was there.

Signing a 5'5'' attacking, creative player like Perez Garcia is a break from the norm for the Quakes. They have been a rigid, direct and physical team that has lacked much creativity for years. Now they have a small playmaker to put in the middle of it all.

Perez Garcia is the third DP in Quakes history and the second one of the team now, along with Chris Wondolowski. San Jose is moving into a new soccer-specific stadium next season, changing the club's financials and presence, and going out to get a second DP appears to be a start. After years of penny pinching, they're going to start spending, and Perez Garcia is part of that spending.