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German coach attacks Landon Donovan for comments about USMNT

SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Bracket'

Fulham manager Felix Magath is known for being ... let's call it '"brutal." His harsh treatment of players is legendary in soccer circles, and he's not a man to mince his words. So when he's upset at someone, he's not going to pull any punches -- and his latest target is one Landon Donovan.

On his Facebook page, Magath took Donovan to task for his comments regarding the USA team and in particular manager Jurgen Klinsmann, whom Donovan had criticized following the round of 16 loss against Belgium. Describing Donovan as a "mediocre player" who wasn't good enough to make the reserves at Bayern Munich, Magath's certainly not worrying about upsetting anyone in his rather strident attack. But he might have a point: it's not exactly a great look to publicly criticize the coach after not being selected for a tournament, and while Donovan enjoys hero status in the United States, he's an afterthought virtually everywhere else.

Everyone but Donovan, meanwhile, has been praised. Magath says that the United States "gave everything" and "earned the respect of the football world with their World Cup performance," compliments that only make his scathing comments regarding Donovan have that much more biting. One wonders if Magath's shared nationality with Klinsmann might have something to do with his take on the situation.