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Neymar: Brazil will be champions

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Neymar thinks Brazil will still win the World Cup without him.

Neymar could lie around, sad that his World Cup dream is over. After all, many Brazilians are, but he's taking the optimistic approach. He's pegged Brazil to win the tournament, even without him.

"My teammates will do everything so that I can realize my dream to be a champion," Neymar said. "My dream was to play in a World Cup final, but it will not be possible this time. We will get through this and we will be champions. I will be together with them. And as Brazilians, we will be commemorating this."

Brazil has essentially come to a stand still with the injury to their beloved star. People gathered outside the hospital in the hours after he was diagnosed with a fractured vertebra, and he's heard them.

"There aren't enough words to say what is going through my mind, and my heart. I just wanted to say that I will come back as fast as I can. I hope to be back soon. I wanted to thank you all for the support and care you've given me, everything that you've written in messages."

It's not as if Neymar could come out and say, "well, we're screwed." But he's the face of Brazil and maybe his words will allow the country to remember that their team still has a semifinal to play. Their dream isn't dead yet.