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Brazil files appeal over Thiago Silva yellow card, suspension

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Brazil are trying desperately to make their captain available for the semifinals.

Buda Mendes

Brazil has filed an appeal against the yellow card that Thiago Silva picked up in the quarterfinals, one which earned him a suspension for the Selecao's semifinal against Germany. FIFA confirmed that they received Brazil's appeal.

FIFA head of media Delia Fischer said: "I can confirm we have received an appeal from the CBF (Brazilian Federation) and this is being analyzed."

Silva was booked for running into goalkeeper David Ospina as the Colombia's was taking a kick. It was a foolish play and one that is always a yellow card. Because it was the second booking for Silva in the tournament, it earned him a suspension.

While Brazil are obviously trying to get the card overturned, their odds appear extremely slim. For starters, Silva's play was worthy of a booking, but further, teams cannot appeal yellow cards. The appeals system is only for red cards so FIFA are expected to dismiss Brazil's appeal out of hand.

The yellow card count is wiped out after the quarterfinals so no players are in danger of being suspended for the final if they pick up another booking. The only way to be suspended for the final is if a player earns a red card in the semifinals.