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Alfredo di Stefano passes away at age 88

Arguably Real Madrid's greatest ever player, di Stefano has passed away a couple of days after suffering a heart attack.

Ross Kinnaird

Alfredo di Stefano, arguably the greatest player in Real Madrid's history and their honorary president for life, passed away on Monday. He was 88 years old. On Saturday, di Stefano suffered a heart attack, which he was unable to recover from.

Di Stefano played in an era in which players were not tied to a national team permanently, so he represented both Argentina and Colombia before moving to Spain and representing them at international level as well. He won Copa America with Argentina, but he never played in the World Cup, and is recognized as the greatest player never to have participated in the tournament.

During his time with Real Madrid, Di Stefano was the linchpin in one of the greatest club teams ever. His Madrid side won five consecutive European Cups from 1956 to 1960, and captured the Spanish Primera Division title in eight of his 11 seasons with the club. He never failed to score more than 20 goals in his first 10 seasons with the club. In a player of the century poll of former Ballon d'Or winners, di Stefano was voted as the fourth-greatest player of all time by his peers.