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World Cup records Germany chased against Brazil

Germany have set a new record for goals scored in a World Cup semifinal, but they've come up short in setting a new record for margin of victory and most goals scored in a match.

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Germany defeated Brazil 7-1 in Tuesday's first World Cup semifinal. Seriously. 7-1. So of course, we started wondering about some of the goal-scoring records that this match could break.

The record for most goals scored by one team in a single World Cup game? 10.

It happened in 1982 when Hungary put ten goals past El Salvador. László Kiss led the way with a hat trick as the Hungarians won 10-1 in a group stage match.

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Most goals scored in a World Cup semifinal? 7.


Biggest margin on victory in a World Cup game? 9 goals.

This has happened three times. Hungary 9-0 South Korea in 1954, Yugoslavia 9-0 Zaire in 1974, and Hungary 10-1 El Salvador in 1982.

The record for most goals scored in a World Cup game by two teams combined? 12.

Austria defeated Switzerland in a 7-5 barn burner in 1954. The Swiss actually led the match 3-0 after goals in the 16th,17th and 18th minute.

Largest deficit overcome in a win? 3 goals.

Austria overcame a three-goal deficit in 1954. The same match that set the all-time single-game goal record. Portugal did so as well, coming back to beat North Korea 5-3 in 1966.

Largest deficit overcome in a draw? 3 goals.

Colombia came back from a 3-0 deficit against the Soviet Union in 1962 to earn a 4-4 draw. Uruguay overturned Senegal's 3-0 lead in 2002 to earn a 3-3 draw.