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Man racks up huge bar tab pretending to be EPL player

"What's your real name?" "Rupert."

Jayne Russell

In basketball, you almost have to be tall to make it. In American football, you have to be big and strong. They are exclusionary sports, eliminating huge swaths of the population from the start. But the best soccer player in the world is 5'7''. Anyone of any body type can play.

And that means anyone of any body type can pretend they play.

Apparently anyone can walk into a bar, say he's a Premier League player and get away with it. All you need is a bedazzled shirt and to wear your sunglasses inside.

Players the man could have claimed to be:

- Scott Sinclair. Nobody in Manchester would recognize him.
- Tom Cleverley. Nobody in Manchester would want to be him.
- Michael Carrick. He looks like everyone else.