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Manchester United ban iPads and tablets from Old Trafford

Old Trafford will be a better place.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

There is nothing worse than trying to watch a match, only to have your view blocked by the person in front of you who is recording seemingly half of it on his iPad. And there is no one who looks stupider than the person holding up his iPad while celebrating a goal.

Manchester United has had enough of it, though. The Red Devils, doing god's work, have banned iPads and tablets from Old Trafford for the upcoming season.

In an e-mail sent to Reds fans ahead of United’s friendly against Valencia on Tuesday, the club states that iPads and other electronic devices larger than 150mm x 100mm are now banned from the ground.

It is believed the move has been made to stop supporters recording large portions of live matches on their tablet devices.

Put aside the greedy reasons for Manchester United's decision -- everyone at Old Trafford will have a better experience with iPads given the heave-ho. No more craning your head around an iPad or worrying about nudging the guy next to you so he drops his tablet. Now you can watch the Red Devils' midfield not tackle with peace of mind,