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Watch this goal and start educating yourself on Dillon Serna

The Rapids youngster is something special.

You probably don't know who Dillon Serna is, and that's OK. Just look at the goal above, appreciate its majesty and stick around for the perfectly executed backflip celebration.

Now that you've seen what the kid can do, you're probably asking yourself two questions: Is he old enough to drink and where in the world did this happen?

Turns out that Serna is not, in fact, old enough to drink. That baby-faced midfielder is still just 20. He's in his second professional season after being signed out of the the University of Akron last year.

And the team he plays for is the Colorado Rapids of Major League Soccer. Like DeAndre Yedlin (you've heard of him right?), he's another product of the league's Homegrown Player initiative, having come through the Rapids' youth academy before spending one season at Akron. Now he's one of the league's up and coming stars.

If goals like this are any indication -- it's not too often we see 35-yard half-volleys -- he's someone you're going to want to keep an eye.

Never mind that the Rapids ended up losing this game...