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94's back with the first adidas Predator Revenge series rerelease

Everyone's favorite boot is back.

Over the course of the last year or so, the folks at adidas have not been afraid to take risks with the company's various boot silos. From the new Nitrocharge boot to the bright Samba series and all the way up to this summer's Battle Pack, the colorways and innovations have certainly pushed adidas' boundaries. Even this summer, we have seen a number of new releases based on the Predator Instinct itself with adidas teasing 14 such models.

These releases have mainly been a series of new colorways but have also featured a few new design elements, namely found in the Eyes and Tongue boots that foreshadowed the new Revenge Pack. What that is, for those unaware, is a trio of adidas boot rereleases that mimic the famous Predators of 1994, 1998, and 2002. The first in the series brings back the look of the original Predator's look on a modern foundation.

The original Predator, released 20 years ago, questioned the limits of boot design and pushed the limits to then-unheard of levels. The original boot's upper famously used Kangaroo leather under the vulcanized rubber strips that would define the series for two decades. The remake keeps the rubber in its original configuration but skips the leather for a synthetic upper.

adidas predator instinct 94 1994

The boot's silhouette is close to that of the Predator Instinct but with a more classic shape thanks to the rubber and high tongue. On that tongue is the original Predator logo to really drive the point home. The adidas stripes that run down both sides of the foot also take the 1994 version's shape while the heel features the adidas logotype raised and in red.

adidas predator instinct 94 1994

The outsole is decidedly modern, borrowing just about everything from the new Predator Instinct and the awesome Control Frame from the current boot. The studs are all red while the outsole itself is clearing, showing a design on the bottom of the boots that is straight from the 1994 boot's design.

adidas predator instinct 94 1994

The Predator 1994 boot is on sale now and retails for $300 in the United States and £260 in the UK. adidas will unveil the other two boots in the series, the Predator Accelerator and Predator Mania, over the next two weeks.