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Orlando City fans can get club tattoo for $21 today only

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Orlando City are joining MLS as the league's 21st team in 2015, and supporters make sure to permanently mark their fandom. Trinity Tattoo, an Orlando tattoo parlor, is offering fans the chance to get the club's lion head crest tattooed for just $21. But it has to be done today, the 21st day of the month.

There might be a theme here.

The tattoo has to be in black and it is limited to 2.5 inches. If someone wants the larger, full crest done, it will cost $121, which is still a steep discount. And, of course, that is also for today only.u

Surely, no person will regret a $21 tattoo and everyone has always wanted MLS ink. It would not look ridiculous at all if Orlando are bottom of the table next season either. The club better have officials there handing out beers before, during and after to anyone getting inked.

And people have already gotten theirs done.