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Timbers Army's epic 'There's No Place Like Home' tifo for Sounders match

The Timbers Army normally have some of the best tifos in MLS, but they out-did themselves against the Sounders on Sunday.

Jeremiah Oshan

The Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders have some of the best support in MLS and also the best rivalry, so the spectacles they put on when they play each other is always amazing. And that includes the tifo.

So it's no surprise that the Timbers Army's massive tifo on Sunday was a sight to behold.

The Timbers Army went with a "There's No Place Like Home" theme, which was appropriate because Dorothy set fire to the Emerald City. So, naturally, the tifo has Dorothy on the yellow brick road, with Seattle in flames behind her.

The Timbers have gotten hot of late, playing themselves back into the playoff race and, while the Sounders have struggled, they're still one of the best teams in MLS and chasing the Supporters' Shield. This match had the stakes to go along with the hate and the Portland fans started lining up outside the stadium three days early for it.

They also made sure their tifo game was on point.

And as awesome as the Timbers' tifo was on Sunday, the Sounders will counter with one just as good next time Portland is in Seattle. There's a reason the rest of MLS looks forward to these Cascadia Derbys.