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Jose Mourinho says Napoli should win Serie A, is trolling Rafa Benitez

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Point, Mourinho.

Clive Brunskill

Napoli are out of the Champions League, having lost their playoff to Athletic Bilbao, and that makes them favorites to win the Serie A title. That is some interesting logic, but it is Jose Mourinho's.

Juventus and Roma will have to deal with the Champions League six times this fall, and in tough groups to boot. Then if they make the knockout stages, they have more difficult matches taking their time, attention and energy away from Serie A.

It's all lining up for Napoli!

Or more likely, Juventus and Roma still have significantly better teams than Napoli and Mourinho doesn't really think they will top Serie A, but he wants to pile the pressure on Rafa Benitez. He is bored and wants to needle his old nemesis*. But does that really sound like the Jose Mourinho we know?

Yes, and it's magnificent.

* They are nemesis in the sense that their teams played each other, Mourinho's teams won nearly every time and The Special One found the befuddled Benitez amusing.