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Royston Drenthe invites fans to home for FIFA tournament

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Six men enter, one exits. Or they all exit because it was cool and not creepy.

Royston Drenthe may not be one of the best players in the world, which many thought he would be when he was a kid, but he's playing for Reading and, more importantly, he's really cool. Like inviting fans over to his house to play in a FIFA 14 tournament cool.

It started with a simple invitation on Instagram. Whoever liked his invite would be entered into it, and he picked six people from there to come over for a day of video games. He also said the winner would get a "nice prize."

The result was an all-day tournament. Just six guys, sitting in Drenthe's house playing FIFA as the Reading player watched (and videoed) on all the way to the final.

And that nice prize? It was a personalized Drenthe jersey.

"So what'd you do yesterday, guys?"

"Eh, we just hung out at a Reading player's house and played FIFA all day."

"You're full of it."

"Check Instagram."