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MLS player selected as All-Star after just 3 games

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Liam Ridgewell has been an MLS player since the end of June and has made just three appearances in the league for the Portland Timbers, but he's an All-Star! Because of an injury to USMNT and Real Salt Lake midfielder Kyle BeckermanRidgewell has been named to the All-Star team. Again, after playing just three games in the league.

The All-Star game is in Portland on Wednesday, so the league didn't exactly have a lot of options for calling in a replacement player. It's too late to fly anyone in from the vast majority of the country. But they could have called up Diego Chara, an actual midfielder and a three-season MLS veteran from the Timbers to replace Beckerman. And there are probably a dozen players on the Seattle Sounders who would have gladly driven down to play in an exhibition for a nice bonus check.

But nope, Ridgewell. This is not a good look, MLS.