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Mix Diskerud is apparently a pretty active Big Soccer user

Someone posting as him casts doubt on some of Grant Wahl's recent reporting.

Diskerud certainly comes off as likable.
Diskerud certainly comes off as likable.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Mikkel Diskerud has a Big Soccer profile that has been active since 2009 and is credited with nearly 500 posts. Or at least that seems to be the conclusion after doing a fair bit of research into the account's history as well as various comments Diskerud has made on social media.

While that's an interesting factoid in and of itself, the reason this comes to light now is that the purported Disekrud account has given a different side of the story regarding his move to Columbus Crew falling apart. Miklagard -- Diskerud's apparent nom de plume -- calls out Grant Wahl's reporting of the story, saying "In my book - I would give Grant Wahl a straight red card -- and with three weeks total suspension."

Wahl had asserted that the main reason Diskerud's move to the Crew didn't come off was money, specifically that Diskerud's father and agent asked for more of it at the last minute after the two sides had a hand-shake agreement on the deal. Diskerud suggests there's some untold portions of the story, but does not get into any of them.

Wahl, it should be said, stood by his reporting.

Diskerud does, however, go into great length as to why he was even considering a move to Columbus. The main thing in the Crew's favor appears to have been owner Anthony Precourt and head coach Gregg Berhalter. But beyond that, Diskerud was apparently won over by the crowds for the United States national team games and as a Norwegian-American he thought that it would be the perfect place to explore his other half.

"Isn't Ohio the most perfect example what the US really is all about," he wrote. "When the democratic part of the USA votes, isn't Ohio what exemplifies best what US values is? Why wouldn't Columbus have given me a faster and better understanding of what the USA past, present, right to left, is all about."

The whole post is really worth reading, especially given the overwhelming evidence that this is actually Diskerud, who has made his affinity for Big Soccer well known.

At times, Diskerud appears to use Big Soccer as someplace he can just share thoughts: "Give all your children a hug - you could tell them it is from me - but then don't squeeze them to much. They don't like that. Let them be in control.:) - if so, I promise you I'll be smiling and in control too - either on the pitch, on the bench or as a cheering supporter in a seat when we take on Belize."

At others he just does kinda weird question-and-answer sessions:

Q: Mix would you mind elaborating on the origins of your full name? Are you named after previous family members or did your parents just like the names?

A: Later on this month I'll give you real and researched answer.
But then you'll give us a true an interesting profile on yourself as well. Ok?

It's of course possible that this is not Diskerud, and there hasn't been a whole lot of reason to really care one way or the other until now. But it sure was a lot of time and effort for a very long con if it is.