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Sami Khedira out after undergoing knee surgery

Real Madrid has added a knee injury to his already-hurt hamstring.

Alex Livesey

SamI Khedira has undergone an operation on his knee, Real Madrid confirmed on Tuesday. The club have not said when he might return to the pitch, but he has almost assuredly been ruled out for all of September, if not longer.

The midfielder was already facing a spell on the sidelines because of a hamstring injury, which led to a bit of a fight between Germany and Real Madrid. Germany claimed that Khedira had shown up to the national team with the muscle tear, while Real Madrid insisted that was not the case and that the midfielder had been injured while training with Germany.

Regardless, Khedira was hurt before undergoing his knee operation and now has two injuries to recover from. His absence deals Real Madrid a rather serious blow because of their shortage of central midfielders. While they have a few players capable of playing in the middle, they are short on those who are capable tacklers, and it has burned them already this season as they have struggled to keep opponents from scoring. Khedira, while not a true holding midfielder, is one of their best tackling midfielders, which will prove especially valuable this season.

Khedira missed most of last season due to a knee injury, but that was on his left knee. The latest injury is to his right knee.