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1860 Munich's latest Oktoberfest kit features lederhosen shorts, is the best one yet

Sure, Napoli unveiled a denim kit and that's cool but this German side's new uniform has authentic (kinda) lederhosen!


For the last few seasons, 2. Bundesliga club TSV 1860 München have made headlines by unveiling a series of special kits, in collaboration with Uhlsport, that coincide with the start of Oktoberfest in Munich later this month. Bayern Munich did something similar last season with a white polo top and brown/gold shorts.

TSV 1860 München's 2012/13 kit featured a gingham top with a polo collar and lace-up neck and brown shorts for a very traditional look. The following season changed things up a bit with a diamond pattern that featured the club's lion logo all over the shirt. It lost the polo collar but the laced neck stayed. That kit made use of lime green on the sleeves and shorts, taking it away from the old-school look.

This year's kit brings the best of the last two versions together into a truly spectacular package. The new kit features a white polo collar with a sky blue gingham pattern that covers the shirt from top to bottom. The top has the word's "Einmal Löwe, Immer Löwe" (Once a Lion, Always a Lion) on the inside of the neck and "München's große Liebe" (Munich's Great Love) above the crest and on the back.

Where the 2014/15 kit shines is in the shorts. Brown bottoms are nothing new but 1860's has designs on the front and back that mimic the stitching and pocket patterns found on authentic lederhosen. Unfortunately,  for us anyway, Munich's shorts are not leather and thus will not weigh anywhere between five and five million pounds in wet weather.

The kit is limited to 1860 units which come in specially-designed, classic-looking boxes. The kits will make their debut on Oktoberfest's opening day when 1860 Munich face off against Ingolstadt in league play.