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Rio Ferdinand is still mad that David Moyes banned chips at Manchester United

Chips to a championship.

Clive Brunskill

It's no secret that Rio Ferdinand and David Moyes did not get along. Ferdinand liked the way Sir Alex Ferguson did things, and the club was successful that way, so he didn't want to see it changed. But Moyes came in and changed things. A lot of things.

But most notably, he wouldn't let players have their chips.

"It's not something to go to the barricades over (the chips)," Ferdinand said. "But all the lads were pissed off."

That's right! They need their chips. And as soon as Moyes got the sack, the players made their move to restore their chips.

"And guess what happened after Moyes left and Ryan Giggs took over? Moyes has been gone about 20 minutes, we're on the bikes warming up for the first training session and one of the lads says: 'You know what? We've got to get on to Giggsy. We've got to get him to get us our f***ing chips back.'"

They got their chips. Of course, they still played poorly.

Ferdinand pointed to a lot of other things, like tactics, so it's not as if he was blaming all of the Red Devils' problems on chips. But in a list of complaints about Moyes, a story about chips warranted mention. Because chips are a really big deal, obviously.

There is no word yet on Louis van Gaal's chip rules.