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Nike pushes the saturation slider to 100 for new Champions League third kits

Yesterday, Nike unveiled a number of new third kits for its teams participating in the Champions League and Inter Milan. We covered Manchester City's new look but did not discuss the very vibrant options that were presented to Paris St. Germain, FC Barcelona, Galatasary, and Juventus. All of the kits are based on the same template which is already being used by Manchester United this season.

Like City's new third kit, all of the new Nike options feature a shirt and pair of shorts that bear two tones of the same color on either side with the shades separated by a strip of secondary color that runs all the way from the shoulders to the bottom of the socks. Each shirt features a polo collar but the degree of variation between the front and back/collar hues varies from team to team.

nike juventus inter milan barcelona psg galatasary third kits 2014 2015

Barcelona are perhaps the brightest of the lot with a kit that is almost entirely Nike's Volt color with navy blue inserts. PSG will wear a red kit with similar navy blue inserts. Juventus get a lime green with black on the shoulders and sides. Galatasaray get themselves a Magenta kit with a shade of yellow that matches the club's crest and stars to separate the front and back of the kit. Finally, Inter Milan will play a small fraction of their games in a cyan kit that is much lighter than their traditional blue. They recall the black stripes that their home kits traditionally feature.

Speaking about the new kits, Martin Lotti, Nike Football's Creative Director, said:

"The half-and-half appearance is a traditional football design, but we added a new twist. We wanted to utilize vibrant color so the kits look brighter at night against the grass and beneath floodlights. Under a dark sky, the kits will look electric, as if powered by batteries, and will provide a flash of color on the pitch."