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Jason Kreis forgot what he wanted in the priority draft, picked wrong for NYCFC

Jason Kreis screwed up the first thing he did as NYCFC manager.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The MLS priority draft isn't that complicated. There are eight things to be decided for the league's incoming expansion teams and NYCFC and Orlando City, the two expansion teams for next season, would alternate picking whether they wanted a higher pick in the expansion draft, or SuperDraft, all the way down to lottery ranking.

The task for the managers, who represented the two teams, was clear: rank the options 1-8 and when it was your choice, pick the highest remaining one on your list.

And Jason Kreis screwed it up.

When NYCFC's turn came up, Kreis said that he wanted to pick a higher place in the discovery ranking. The host then explained what the discovery ranking was when Kreis started laughing. He realized he messed up and said as much, explaining that he meant to pick the higher place in the NASL/USL ranking.

Seemingly, there was no harm done. Orlando hadn't made their next pick yet so NYCFC could have changed their pick without altering the draft. But MLS said no. Once a team made a pick, they were stuck with it and NYCFC was stuck with the discovery ranking pick.

And Orlando followed up by picking the NASL/USL ranking that NYCFC wanted.

NYCFC spent a lot of money to lure Kreis. He was one of the league's best managers at Real Salt Lake and they poached him, thinking he was the perfect man to lead their new, high profile team. He spent some time living in England, where he learned from the Manchester City coaches in preparation for 2015, when he would lead NYCFC in their new season.

And then in the very first thing he had to do as NYCFC manager, the priority draft, he screwed up.

All he had to do was remember what of the eight things he liked best and then say which he wanted. It wasn't difficult. But whoops.