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Enner Valencia knew about West Ham from watching Green Street Hooligans

Alex Livesey

Enner Valencia has never lived anywhere other than Ecuador and Mexico. So when West Ham came calling, it isn't much of a surprise that most of his knowledge of the club came via the media. Specifically, film media.

"I knew about West Ham mainly from watching films," he told The Guardian. "And I know the supporters were very passionate."

What film could he possibly be talking about? Could it be Green Street Hooligans?

It was Green Street Hooligans.

Valencia watched Elijah Wood be a bad ass, or whatever kind of bad ass he could be, joining a group of West Ham hooligans and then signed for the club with that being his base knowledge. It's almost as good as Wilfried Bony learning about Swansea by playing with them in Football Manager, but Bony gets the edge because video games are way cooler than Elijah Wood and Charlie Hunnam's Cockney accent made the movie a comedy.