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Seriously, watch this Jermaine Jones pass to set up Charlie Davies' goal

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When the New England Revolution won the battle to sign Jermaine Jones a couple weeks ago, they were surely hoping he could provide a shot in the arm to their offense. But I'm not sure anyone who has ever seen him play realized he was capable of doing stuff like the pass he made on Sunday to set up Charlie Davies' game-winning goal.

There are a few things we need to point out here:

1: Jones is immediately double-teamed and splits those defenders.

2. Bakary Soumare attempts to close him out, but Jones gets the ball away before the defender can get there.

3. Jones uses the outside of his left foot to make that pass.

4. The guy on the end of that pass is Charlie Davies. Yes, THAT Charlie Davies. He's quietly been a member of the New England Revolution all season, but has recently been playing pretty well. Since starting to get regular playing time with a start on July 30, Davies now has three goals and two assists in his past seven games.

So Jermaine Jones assisted Charlie Davies in a MLS game. Go ahead and let that sink in for a few seconds.