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Roma's president is spitting hot fire at Lazio's owner

The presidents of Roma and Lazio have been engaging in a public spat ever since their clubs played on Sunday, and Pallotta just delivered an epic shot.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Ever since Francesco Totti took an in-match selfie while AS Roma and Lazio played their derby in Rome on Sunday, the presidents of both clubs have been waging quite a war of words. Lazio chief Claudio Lotito got the ball rolling when he called the selfie "inappropriate," and adjudged that a club that would condone such an action as incapable of winning the Scudetto.

Roma made an official reply that was, essentially, dismissive of Lotito's claims, which raised the Lazio owner's ire. He decided to poke at Roma's financial situation, with the club under a UEFA investigation for possible Financial Fair Play violations. It's something he does basically every time he talks about Roma, and Roma's president, Italian-American investment guru James Pallotta, has apparently grown tired of it, if this absolutely epic statement is anything to go by:

Lotito continues to make foolish and ignorant statements about our club's economics. Next time I come to Rome I will attempt to educate him on our strong and profitable financial position as I would speak to a young child (speaking slowly with as many one syllable words as possible). If he still can’t figure it out, I give it up.

-Source: AS Roma official site

That. Is. AMAZING. You don't see club officials deliver verbal backhands like that very often, and when you do, they're something to be truly appreciated.

Roma and Lazio are obviously long-time rivals, sharing the Stadio Olimpico in Rome and having many heated affairs on the pitch over the years. Lotito has never been shy to try and stir up controversy in the press, and even when he doesn't do it intentionally, he's still gifted at creating issues anyways, such as his unflinching support of Carlo Tavecchio after the eventual FIGC president made a terribly racist statement to the press.

It's safe to say that, outside of Lazio fans, Lotito is not the most popular guy around in Italian football. Watching Pallotta take him down a peg or two is a real treat.