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Watch a ref fall down and go boom in Italy

This is not exactly something you want to happen to you in the middle of a game being broadcast across the world.

Being a sideline referee in a soccer match isn't easy. There's a lot of running around, and a lot of trying to remember what the offside rule is. Sometimes things don't go so well, like for this poor ref in Italy:

To be fair, Empoli and Inter Milan weren't playing the most exciting game. He was probably half asleep when the pass was made and was so shocked that something was actually happening that he just couldn't take it. Or he was trying to play tribute to Steven Gerrard. One or the other.

Either way ... not his finest moment, but at least it was caught on camera for all of us to enjoy forever and ever! The resigned raising of his flag to call the offsides at the end was a pretty nice touch, though.