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Gervinho threw a hilarious tantrum after getting a red card for hitting a player

Pro-tip: Don't hit people.

The Ivory Coast were down 1-0 in their Africa Cup of Nations opener. Things were looking bad and the Elephants desperately needed their veterans to pull it together and lead them back.

That's when Gervinho took matters into his own hands and delivered a vicious hit to Naby Keita.

So um, that's kinda the opposite of what the Ivory Coast needed.

Hitting people is bad. Losing is bad. Getting a red card is bad. And Gervinho decided to put all three into one.

Then when Gervinho got his well-deserved red card, he lost it.

Is he mad at the referee? Is he mad at himself? Is he mad at the inanimate red card? Is he mad that you can't find Dunkaroos anywhere anymore?


And then the Ivory Coast came back for a draw despite being down a man anyway. Probably because they got a little less insane when Gervinho was sent off.