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Hope Solo reportedly let her husband drive a USWNT team car while drunk

Oh, that's why she was suspended!

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Hope Solo has been caught up in lots of legal issues recently, including being charged with domestic violence before her case was dropped. On Monday morning, she was in the car when her husband Jerramy Stevens was arrested for DUI. She wasn't suspended for either of these things, presumably because she wasn't convicted of a crime and didn't violate any specific team rules.

But on Wednesday, U.S. Soccer announced that Solo had been suspended for 30 days. Why? According to TMZ, it's because she let Stevens drive a team-owned van while drunk, and he was arrested for DUI. Letting him drive it, period, is cause for concern, but letting him drive it intoxicated? That's really bad. As TMZ notes, had Stevens been involved in an accident, U.S. Soccer could have potentially been partially liable.

Generally unsavory behavior isn't much of a big deal to U.S. Soccer as long as their athletes aren't actually committing crimes. But messing with the money? Yeah, that'll get you suspended.