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Cambridge United to use money from Manchester United FA Cup tie on toilets

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From now on, peeing with be a luxurious event at Abbey Stadium.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Cambridge United drew Manchester United! That seemed a lot cooler before Chelsea and Manchester City lost, but it's still damn cool and the replay comes with a £1 million payday.

And what does a small League Two club do with £1 million? Toilets!

"Hopefully we can get the stadium done and start putting in some proper toilets," Cambridge United chairman Dave Doggett told the Mirror. "Some toilets and tea bars and more hospitality… that’s what we will do."

Imagine what you would do with £1 million. There is a lot of partying probably involved, and maybe even a trip to Vegas or an awesome beach. There is no a toilet involved, unless you buy a house.

Then again, you are not a football club. You are not the owners of 8,127-seat Abbey Stadium, an 83-year-old building that didn't get lights until 1970 and uses trailers as offices.

So you buy those toilets, Cambridge United! Celebrate an incredible result by letting people pee in style!