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Alan Pardew becomes the new manager of Crystal Palace

The 53-year-old coach leaves Newcastle to take over the club he made 128 appearances for during his playing days.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Alan Pardew has left Newcastle United and will become the new manager at Crystal Palace after the two clubs worked out a compensation deal for the head coach.

Pardew's three plus seasons with the Geordies has been filled with repeated campaigns by supporters to have him removed. When Newcastle lost 15 out of 21 matches at the end of the 2013-14 season, causing Pardew to be subjected to venomous verbal abuse from fans who openly protested against the manager in and out of the stadium.

The English manager caused plenty of his own issues during his time at Newcastle. In 2012 he shoved an official over an incident where the ball appeared to go out of play. In January 2014 he was caught on camera calling Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini "a f---ing old c---". Later that season he head-butted Hull City's David Meyler after the player pushed passed Pardew in an attempt to quickly resume play.

Pardew reportedly made it clear to Newcastle owner Mike Ashley that he wanted to leave the club after Neil Warnock was sacked as the Crystal Palace boss. Pardew spent three season with the Eagles as a player from 1987 to 1991, making 128 appearances for the club. He was an extremely popular player during his time with Palace, and after his rather rough treatment at the hands of Newcastle supporters, his desire to leave the club makes sense.

Pardew leaves Newcastle in 9th place in the Premier League table after spending the early part of the season at or near the bottom of the league. The team had played well in November, but after an upset of Chelsea in early December, the Geordies lost three out of four matches.

He will now attempt to lead Crystal Palace out of the relegation zone -- they're currently in 18th -- and avoid returning to the Championship after a solid 11th place finish last season.