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Mexico unveil new kits, will not wear green shirts

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So long, El Tri.

Mexico has new kits. And neither of them includes a green shirt.

The country that has worn green for decades is ditching the color in its new adidas kits. Green provides the trim on both of Mexico's new outfits, but their primary shirt is black and their secondary shirt is white, ending a long tradition for the most recognizable team in North American soccer.

Mexico has been pushing away from green of late. They introduced multiple secondary shirts, including black shirts that they have taken to wearing more than any other color. They have worn black shirts even at home when they would normally wear green so it was probably a hint that Mexico was going away from green and trying to emphasize black.

It will be strange seeing Mexico without a green shirt. Almost undoubtedly, Mexico will wear green shirts at some point, but they earned the nickname El Tricolor because of their green shirt, white shorts, red socks look. Now that is gone.