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Recapping the insanity that was Wolfsburg's 4-1 win over Bayern Munich

No, it didn't make sense. Yes, it was beautiful.

The Bundesliga returned from their winter break with first place Bayern Munich vs. second place Wolfsburg. It was the perfect start to the second half of the season.

The match kicked off .... and then it got weird.

It took all of four minutes for Wolfsburg to score as Bas Dost put them in front. Then Dost, who had scored all of four goals previously in the Bundesliga, found the back of the net once more. This time, he did it with a perfect, incredible 20-yard half-volley.

And then Wolfsburg scored again to make it 3-0. After Bayern scored a goal to give the the league leaders a very faint hope, Wolfsburg scored again.

That was when Kevin De Bruyne put Dante on roller skates.

With that, Wolfsburg beat Bayern Munich, 4-1

So to recap:

- Bayern Munich lost their first match of the season
- Bas Dost went HAM
- Bayern Munich conceded four goals in 73 minutes after conceding four goals in their first 17 matches
- Kevin De Bruyne is filthy

And with that, Bayern Munich are in crisis. You know, except for their being eight points clear atop the league things. But this season, they may not win the Bundesliga until May, so it's probably time to just fold the club.