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Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Carlo Ancelotti: Relax, I am Jesus

All hail Zlatan.

Victor Fraile/Getty Images

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is God. Some might not like when he says as much, but is there any fault in stating facts? Of course not.

Sometimes, people need to be reminded of who Zlatan is, though. It's blasphemous that anyone would forget that he is our Lord and Savior, but people are flawed and Carlo Ancelotti is one of them. With the Ligue 1 title on the line, Paris Saint-Germain's then-manager was freaking out, so Zlatan reminded Ancelotti who he was.

Let Marco Verratti explain:

"Before winning the 2012-13 league title, we were getting ready to play against Lyon. Carlo Ancelotti was a bit tense, so Ibra approached him and asked him if he believed in Jesus. Ancelotti said yes, so Ibra told him: 'Good, so you believe in me. You can relax!'"

Is that arrogant? Does Zlatan really need to say he is a god?

It doesn't really matter because Zlatan is just spitting facts. Oh, and PSG won the match, and the league.