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Raheem Sterling breaks defenders' ankles, scores 1st-half hat trick for Manchester City

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The dynamic young winger is having one of the best matches of his life, notching a first-half hat trick against Bournemouth.

Raheem Sterling is an exceptional talent, but his early days with Manchester City have been a bit stop-and-start in terms of his form. On Saturday against Bournemouth, though, he was absolutely red-hot, dominating in the final third and scoring a first-half hat trick, including an ankle-breaking dancing run into the box for his second goal.

When Sterling is playing well, he can be an almost unfair element for a team's attack to have. That's certainly been the case today, because quite frankly he's a bit unlucky not to have scored five. Bournemouth just don't have an answer for him, and he's playing for fun at this point.