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Bayern Munich supporters applauded by Arsenal fans for protesting ticket prices

Even though they're one of the best supported teams in the world, Bayern Munich don't charge through the nose like Arsenal do.

Bayern Munich supporters are used to very reasonable ticket prices, like every other fanbase in Germany. But when they went to travel to the Emirates Stadium to see Bayern take on Arsenal, they were in for a rude awakening -- tickets were £64, which is actually pretty reasonable by Emirates Stadium standards. Bayern sold out their allotment, but most of their supporters filed in late, with this banner replacing them at kickoff:

As the Bayern fans entered, they did so to a huge round of applause from Arsenal fans, who are pretty sick of paying these prices (or worse) every single week. They haven't resorted to any kind of sizable protest, though, and might have picked up some ideas from their German friends.

Arsenal aren't going to lower prices unless fans stop buying tickets. Maybe they should do exactly that.

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