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MLS pitch invader doesn't even try to run fast, gets creamed by cops

There was a pitch invader during the MLS playoff game between D.C. United and New York Red Bulls. There are several things about this person that I find unacceptable.

First of all, don't run on the dang field. It's funny and you get on TV, but you also get arrested, then your friends and family have to deal with a bunch of BS. Second, if you are going to run onto the field, at least put some effort into it. This guy doesn't run AND totally sucks at the Petey Pablo. That helicopter never got off the ground, sir.

You stink at pitch invading. If you're really committed to being a good pitch invader, try again sometime, unless they bother to ban you from RFK Stadium and train security and stuff, which would be weird. They let me carry my can of beer from outside into the stadium on Wednesday, past multiple security guards and ticket checkers, so they will probably let you back in to try again.