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FIFA allows alleged torturer to run for president, but not Michel Platini

Taking money from FIFA: not okay. Allegedly torturing people: okay.

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On Thursday, FIFA announced the five candidates for president that had passed their integrity checks. Notably absent from that list is UEFA president Michel Platini, who is currently suspended for taking an alleged unlawful payment. Musa Bility was also excluded due to a ban for using confidential CAF documents in a legal case.

Sheikh Salman of Bahrain passed the integrity checks despite criticism from Human Rights Watch and other human rights organizations. He once headed up a committee that identified pro-democracy athletes who were later tortured for their political beliefs.

While Salman denies the allegations and has not been convicted of a crime, FIFA is not a court of law. They could have decided that Salman poses a risk to the organization and not approved him because they felt like it. Now, an alleged torturer might become FIFA president.

Sepp Blatter's not looking so bad now, is he?

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