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Barcelona's 4 jaw-dropping goals against Real Sociedad, ranked

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They're all amazing, but one is the most amazing.

Barcelona steamrolled Real Sociedad, 4-0 on Saturday. Their four goals were some of the best you'll see in any game this season, anywhere in the world. We've ranked them because this is the Internet, and that's what we do here.

4. Neymar's second

Credit: user penguin672232 on r/soccer

Look at the Real Sociedad left back. He's just concentrating on holding the line, keeping shape and then he quickly realizes how screwed he is. There's a guy running outside of him, and in front of him is Andres Iniesta with no pressure on. He's going to play a perfect through ball in that situation, every time. This is a gorgeous team move, and would be the best goal in most games, but gets last in this one. We needed to find tiebreakers, and Jeremy Mathieu torching a defense seems like as good of one as we're going to find.

3. Luis Suarez's volley

Credit: user penguin672232 on r/soccer

This is by far the most impressive finish of the four. Perhaps we're just numb to Suarez scissor volleys at this point and being unfair, but the tiebreaker here is now un-Barcelona the goal is. Direct ball over the top, run, cross, jump and smash in. It's still the coolest finish you're going to see all weekend.

2. Neymar's first

Credit: user penguin672232 on r/soccer

Holy hell, the hockey assist from Lionel Messi on this. There's so much classic Messi in one play. First, he starts way offside so the defense forgets about him. Then, when he finally pops up in a position to receive the pass, two defenders instantly freak out that Messi is unmarked and rush towards him. This opens up a massive space for Dani Alves to run into, but it wouldn't even matter if the guy in Messi's spot was merely average in either technique or decision-making.

After you're done ogling Messi's work, let the video loop again and keep your eye on Neymar. From the second Messi turns to play the pass with his second touch, Neymar's off to the races. He's going to make a far post run, but quickly adjusts when a better one opens up thanks to Suarez getting rugby tackled. He hits his shot a hundred miles an hour into the top corner. Neymar rules.

1. Lionel Messi's finish of this bananas team move

Credit: user penguin672232 on r/soccer

This is the perfect encapsulation of what Barcelona is and what makes the MSN forward line so special. At the point Neymar lays the ball off to Suarez, there are two men who can step in front of him (or the ball) and take away his run. He torches both of them. Suarez, knowing Neymar will torch both of them, plays a flawless first time flick directly into his path.

Messi knows where and when the ball is going to arrive and times his run. Neymar knows where and when Messi is going to arrive and plays the ball to that spot, at that time. This is everything Barca supporters want their team and forward line to be.

Any team would be elated to score any of these four goals in any game. Barcelona scored them all in one game. They're unbelievable.