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Karim Benzema questioned by police over sex tape blackmail scandal involving France teammate

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Real Madrid star Karim Benzema is currently in the custody of French police, undergoing questioning about a sex tape blackmail scandal. A fellow French international player has been the victim of the extortion scheme, and police are questioning multiple teammates of his about the plot. Three men have been charged since October.

Previously, Djibril Cisse was interviewed and released without charges due to his connection to the men involved in the scheme, who have been part of the entourages of several footballers. Police are now speaking to Benzema about a conversation he had with the victim, attempting to figure out if he was just giving the victim advice, or was blackmailing him as well.

Benzema's lawyer Sylvain Cormier said that Benzema readily made himself available to answer questions. "It was therefore completely normal that he should respond to the summons," Cormier said. "In fact, he would like to put an end to the controversy sparked by this affair in which he has played no part, as soon as possible."

While Benzema's lawyer clearly believes that his client will quickly be exonerated, his connection to the crime sounds a bit more serious than Cisse's. L'Equipe is reporting that Benzema and the victim had a conversation about the sex tape, something Cisse wasn't accused of doing. The blackmailers have also reportedly contacted a member of Benzema's family.

If Benzema is released without charges, he and the victim could next play together in November, if both selected for the French national team.