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Australian man travels 10,000 miles to watch soccer game that gets cancelled

Imagine the exquisite agony. The pure unbridled horror of it all. You get on a plane in Brisbane, Australia and make the 22-hour flight to England so you can see your favorite team play -- then the game gets cancelled at the last second. That's precisely what happened to Andrew Urry this weekend.

Heavy rain caused the Southend United pitch to be unplayable. Several fans were upset the game was cancelled while they were en route, but the Australian man took it well given the situation.

Southend tried to make it up to him.

Again, it should be noted just how well he took all this.

Urry mentioned on his Twitter account that offers for free beers have been pouring in -- too many to even respond to. Not needing to buy a drink again seems like a pretty okay compromise.

h/t Bleacher Report