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Jose Mourinho throws Chelsea players under the bus in incredible interview

Chelsea's manager pulled no punches after their latest loss.

Chelsea's struggles this season are no secret, with the defending Premier League champions sitting just one little point above the relegation zone. Something has to give eventually, and after Monday's loss to Leicester City, "something" became "Jose Mourinho spitting hot fire."

The whole interview is absolutely incredible, but these are the highlights:

  • He wouldn't even really entertain the idea that Eden Hazard was actually hurt, saying that "in 10 seconds, he made the decision himself [...]  he just left the pitch and made the decision to go in [to the dressing room]." In fact, when the interviewer asked about Hazard's injury, Mourinho didn't even let him really say that Hazard was hurt, interrupting him and saying "No, no, no, no, no."
  • He said that last season, he brought the players "to a level that is not their level, that is more than they really are." So, winning the title was all on him, and this season's struggles is all on the players.
  • When discussing Leicester's two goals and how they were scored, these were Mourinho's exact words: "I feel my work has been betrayed."
  • When asked "Is [finishing in] the top four gone now?" Mourinho had just one word to say: "Yes."

Amazing stuff.

For those wondering, this is how Chelsea's official Twitter account characterized the core of Mourinho's post-match statement.

Just a bit different, no?