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Southampton's backup right back scored the goal of the season

Who? What? How?

If you've never heard of Cuco Martina, we forgive you. He's effectively Southampton's third-string right back, since they've opted to play center backs in that spot instead of him when Cedric is injured or in bad form. But Ronald Koeman decided to go to Martina on Boxing Day against Arsenal, and the result was this absurd goal.

Who even tries that? If he'd mis-hit the shot and put it over the crossbar, he might have been fined. There's just no way anyone should ever be taking a shot like this for any reason. If Cristiano Ronaldo tried this, the Bernabeu might pelt him with garbage.

But Martina scored it. A third-string right back, in his first Premier League start, against Arsenal. A guy who was born in the Netherlands but gave up the opportunity to play for them at just 22 years old, because he didn't think he'd ever make the team, opting for Curacao instead. That guy scored this goal. Amazing.