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Danny Ings reportedly signs pre-contract with Real Sociedad

Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Danny Ings has been the subject of transfer rumors all month, but it looks like he will stay at Burnley. At least that will be the case until the summer, when he will join Real Sociedad on a free transfer.

Ings has signed a pre-contract with Real Sociedad, which will see him join up with David Moyes in the summer when he contract runs out, according to Ian Dennis at the BBC.

Hearing Burnley striker Danny Ings signed pre contract terms last week with Real Sociedad. Yet to be confirmed but source is reliable.

Burnley have found themselves in a bit of a bind with Ings. He's been fantastic for them, but he can leave on a free transfer in the summer. It doesn't look like they will get him to sign a new contract, which means they have to decide whether to sell him before the transfer deadline and get something for him, or keep him to boost their chances of staying in the Premier League and risk getting nothing for him in the summer. Neither option is particularly good.

If a Premier League team signed Ings in the summer -- as Liverpool were rumored to be interested in doing -- they would have to pay Burnley about £3 million as part of the FA's policy for young players who have been developed by a club, but that would not effect non-English clubs so Real Sociedad would not pay Burnley a single pound.