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Andre Schürrle officially leaves Chelsea, joins Wolfsburg

The German international has returned to his home country, signing with Wolfsburg on a big-money transfer.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Things never quite worked out according to plan for Andre Schürrle at Chelsea, so the English side has decided to move on, selling him to Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga for €32 million.

The move makes an already-dangerous Wolfsburg attack even more lethal, with Schürrle set to combine with Kevin De Bruyne and Ivan Perisic in the attacking midfield band, giving Wolfsburg a versatile and dynamic attack. They're already vicious on the counter attack, as Bayern Munich learned last weekend to their chagrin, and adding a winger built for the counter like Schürrle could make them nearly impossible to stop once they start rolling forward.

It's a good deal for Chelsea, as the fee they're receiving for Schürrle represents a healthy profit on the €22 million fee they spent to bring him in from Bayer Leverkusen in 2013. That profit comes despite Schürrle never quite clicking in England -- he scored 14 goals in 65 all-competitions matches, but has never seemed comfortable or confident in Jose Mourinho's side and his involvement has been very irregular this season, with just five league starts and nine substitute appearances.