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No, Arsenal won't be signing Morgan Schneiderlin, even though they should

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But nice try!

Arsenal could really use a midfielder. Really, any kind of midfielder who plays defense or does a lot of running will do. Southampton star Morgan Schneiderlin would fit in perfectly, and French outlet Le10Sport is reporting that a £25m deadline day swoop is a possibility for the Gunners.

Sound unlikely to you? Probably because it is. It didn't take long for English media to refute this.

And that makes sense, because Southampton and Arsenal are currently direct rivals. The Saints also brought in more in the summer transfer window than they spent, so they don't need to cash in on anyone at the moment.

However, Arsenal should probably make some sort of push for Schneiderlin or a player like him. They're still involved in Champions League and still outside of the top four. The best thing they can do to ensure that they're competitive on both of those fronts is to sign a midfielder who makes them better defensively. Maybe Schneiderlin isn't a possibility, but they shouldn't sit still either.